Give planet Earth your support while still enjoying the best that modern shopping apps have to offer with Bazar. View top-quality eco-friendly vendors and a large range of brands that sell sustainable products to like-minded customers.

Save the world as you shop

The environment is in crisis and humans are largely responsible. This is the reality faced each day, with near-universal awareness of issues associated with climate change.

If you have been moved by the various eco-friendly campaigns in recent years, the best place to make a change is when you shop. Rather than simply looking for the most affordable option, deciding to deliberately choose products which are made sustainably is essential.

There are lots of different types of eco-friendly products to browse and buy on Bazar’s retailer app (from electric vehicles to beauty products and clothing, etc.). Each purchase you make provides support for the brands that are not just focused on profitability, but on positive ethical change.

Furthermore, Bazar is one of the apps you can sell items on. Pre-loved products are perfect whether you are looking for vintage goods for aesthetic reasons or ethical purposes.

Buy and sell eco-friendly products from your smartphone

Buy and sell eco-friendly products from your smartphone

What makes a product eco-friendly?

This is a tough question to answer since there are not only different debates about what constitutes eco-friendliness but also different tiers within this. Even so, you can expect that the brands which sell ethical products have many idealistic similarities in the way they run their operations.

Eco-friendliness is tied into the way that ingredients are farmed, for example. Artificial fertilisers and pesticides compromise ecologies and poison water tables. Choosing pesticide-free products will keep you away from such issues when you shop. Organic products will have a similar effect on the conscientiousness of your consumer decisions.

For something to be eco-friendly, it also has to have a sustainable life cycle. This might include being biodegradable or recyclable. In either case, it will make sure that once the item in question is no longer useful, it can be disposed of sustainably. With landfill sites reaching capacity and natural resources running low, this should be a major concern for all consumers.

Eco-friendly products can have very specific ethical aims. In the case of palm oil free type foods and cosmetics, it is the farming of one particular type of crop that is avoided. Meanwhile vegan products eliminate animal ingredients. This not only avoids cruelty but also prevents carbon emissions caused by livestock farming.

All of these eco-friendly options and many more are available via the ethical shopping page. Here you can narrow your search or just browse freely to stumble across the best that online ethical shopping has to offer.

More choice with the Bazar marketplace app

Bazar is not just aimed at making eco-friendliness more accessible. Naturally, ethical shopping should take the people who produce the clothing into account.

If you worry about how your buying choices are influencing workers around the world, look no further. You can buy fair trade products from Bazar just as easily as eco-friendly ones. In many cases, these will be the same, since fair trade vendors often have the environmental impact of their actions in mind as they operate.

Cruelty free shopping can also be achieved. This applies to animals as well as people, preventing any suffering that might otherwise be associated with fairly innocent online purchases.

How eco-friendliness is evolving

One interesting aspect of eco-friendly shopping that is becoming more relevant at the moment is packaging. Single-use plastics have become demonised thanks to the hard work of high-profile campaigners, such as David Attenborough. In a 2019 US/UK Consumer Survey of 3,800 people it was revealed that 53% had reduced their single use plastics in the past year, partially due to the “Attenborough Effect”.

A struggle to buy eco-friendly shopping

Now if you want to buy items that do not come wrapped in non-degradable materials, you might struggle to find what you need in mainstream stores. As there are so many conscientious vendors and brands represented on Bazar, this is not a problem. You can do your best to be as environmentally positive as possible while still shopping as much as you like.

No doubt the approaches to eco-friendliness in the retail market will continue to evolve. If you are keen to keep up with these changes, choose Bazar. Discover the latest and greatest from the companies that want to make a difference. Also, experience why going green does not mean sacrificing anything in terms of quality or breadth of choice.

Make Bazar your favourite ethical shopping app

Should you be swayed by Bazar’s eco-friendly product offerings, sign up to Bazar today. Look for further information on Bazar whether you are looking to buy or sell ethical products online.


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