Bazar is excited to announce the launch of its ethical life marketplace app. This is now available to download now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. This infographic explores the launch of Bazar and provides information to would-be buyers and sellers.

Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App Goes Live Thumbnail

Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App Goes Live Infographic

We hope you enjoyed the preview of the infographic. To view the full-sized infographic, either click on the image above or click this link now!

10 great reasons to download the Bazar ethical marketplace app

  • British – Buy British and support Britain’s industry
  • Planet – Buy “good for the planet” goods from a host of amazing eco and ethical brands
  • Community – Drive community spirit, get involved by posting articles, events, Q&A
  • Choice – Provides choice and access to ethical, eco and sustainable products
  • Make the Switch – Switch from plastic to cotton, wood & other eco-friendly materials
  • Trading – Buy and sell sustainable, ethical, pre-loved, artisan and eco-friendly products
  • Communication – Chat and connect with like-minded community members.
  • Action – Join others in taking some positive steps to #makingethicalthestandard
  • Collaboration – Share and discover information with like-minded people through the educational forum
  • Innovative – Carefully thought-out and innovative designed with members in mind

Bazar ethical category areas

Sellers grow your business in the following areas. Buyers select from the product ranges below:

  • Eco-friendly – biodegradable, natural label, organic, palm oil free and pesticide free
  • Ethical – cruelty free, Fairtrade, Fair Wear and vegan
  • Sustainable – products which help to protect the sustainability of resources
  • Pre-loved – recycled, second hand and used items
  • Artisan – handmade, trade and crafts from UK Artisans

The above provides just a high-level description of ethical categories. Download the app to view a large number of products in more detail.

Download platforms

Bazar would love buyers and sellers alike to download the app. Use Bazar and see what amazing brands and products are already available on the app. Registering for Bazar is very easy and only takes 2-3 minutes.

Download now via:

  1. i) iOS –
  2. ii) Google Play –

Helpful solutions during the Coronavirus pandemic

These are uncertain times, here is how Bazar helps during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Communication – keep in touch, keep your distance with Bazar app communication tools
  • Decluttering – sell your pre-loved items, make money and declutter your home
  • Home delivery – have products delivered to your door, there’s no need to leave home
  • Sell online – do you sell through trade fairs or a retail shop? Upload and sell items in minutes on Bazar
  • Support British Artisans – Bazar provides an opportunity to support British Artisans at this challenging time

Giving Back

Bazar gives back – for every purchase made on Bazar Ethical Marketplace:

  • A contribution is made towards the preservation of the planet
  • Bazar pledge 1% of sales commission revenue to:
    • Bees
    • Trees
    • Seas
  • Many brands on Bazar also have their own give back schemes too

Bazar Links

Here are some essential links for the Bazar app:

Contacting Bazar

Contact Bazar through the following methods:

Bazar welcomes enquiries and contact from buyers and sellers of ethical products. Bazar always endeavour to reply to enquiries ASAP after receipt.