BAZAR Frequently Asked Questions

Using the BAZAR App

Where can the App be downloaded from? / Will the App be available on Android as well as iPhone?

The Bazar Ethical Marketplace App will be available to download from Appstore for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices.

Can anybody sign up to sell on the App?

Yes, anyone can sign up to the Bazar app to sell Pre-loved or Artisan goods. You will need a mobile phone number and valid email address. However, if you are an ethical brand or retailer you will need to apply for Pro Seller status via our website

How do I apply to be a Pro Seller?

To apply for Pro Seller status, you will need to have an ethical brand, an inventory of products and a website shop.  Although we do encourage ethical artisans and micro-sellers provided you have limited stock, please kindly register through the [Get the App] button, thank you.

Do Bazar donate any of their revenue to environmental causes?

Yes, absolutely! Bazar donate 1% of our sales commission revenue to our bees, trees and seas partners. The not for profit organisation, One Tree Planted are our trees partner. Their commitment is to plant one tree for every $ received in donation, in various regions around the world. Learn more about One Tree Planted by visiting –

Bees Abroad are a UK charity based in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire. They are working to alleviate poverty beekeeping through working with local groups in rural communities, across Africa and Asia, providing essential equipment and training for beekeeping enterprises.

Their mission is to promote beekeeping around the world for self-empowerment and income generation within local populations, whilst also delivering a range of eco-friendly benefits. Learn more about Bees Abroad by visiting –

Bazar also partners with Surfers Against Sewage. They are a Marine Conservation Charity, which inspires, unites and empowers communicate to take action to support ocean conservation in the UK and around the world. Read our partnership article here. Learn more about Surfers Against Sewage by visiting –

We also support the work of the Blue Marine Foundation. Although this is not a formal partnership, we are BLUE members, click here for further details.

How will buyers find my store/products?

Buyers can find your shop or products on Bazar app by searching or filtering by category or by using the search function to find a particular product, or your products or items will appear on the feeds.

What can I do on Bazar?

You can buy and sell, chat and connect with the community on Bazar.

Bazar is an ethical marketplace with a community made up by retailers and users where you can shop for a range of ethical and sustainable goods, as well as pre-loved items. You can also participate in the community forums to get the latest ethical shopping trends, post articles and find out valuable information.

What items can I sell on Bazar?

You can sell pre-loved, second hand items and new ethical and sustainable items on Bazar.

Bazar is an ethical marketplace where you can buy and sell sustainable products of every conceivable kind. To make finding products easier, there are numerous categories to choose from.

Selling items on the Bazar App couldn’t be easier! Just upload your pre-loved or artisan item in seconds and start selling!

If you are an approved Bazar Pro Seller you can sell ethical and sustainable items and products and take advantage of the Pro Seller Dashboard facility.

How Can I apply to be a Pro Seller?

For Pro Seller status, you will need to have an ethical brand, an inventory of products and a website shop. The Bazar team will then review your application and notify you of your successful or unsuccessful application.  Your brand or products will need to meet with the Bazar Criteria.

Take advantage of Bazar’s free Pro Seller Dashboard functionality by registering as a Pro Seller.  For brands and sellers of ethical products; the Pro Seller Dashboard will provide rapid access to upload products in bulk, manage your inventory and sales whilst connecting directly with your customers.

Although we do encourage ethical micro-sellers if you have limited stock, please kindly register through the Get the App button, thank you.

Can I have two App accounts?

Of course, you can have two Bazar accounts however you will need to have a secondary mobile number and a second email address.

What is ethical fashion?

The design, manufacturing and buying of fashion in such a way they people and communities’ benefit, whilst impacts on the environment are minimised as much as is possible.

What is a Pro Seller?

A Pro Seller is a brand, retailer or manufacturer of ethical, sustainable products and these sellers will already have a shop or a website and hold current stock to sell.

Pro Sellers may also have accreditations or follow standards for such as Fairtrade, Fair Wear, cruelty free, organic, vegan, sustainable, palm oil free, eco-friendly etc.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade has been around as a concept since the 1940s but was formalised in the late 1960s. It is a global movement which aims to provide farmers in developing countries with improved trading opportunities.

Fairtrade encourages:

  • Fair trading terms – through fair contracts and terms, Fairtrade aims to address international trade injustices, which often impose unfair terms on poor developing producers
  • Improved prices – ensuring companies pay sustainable prices, which are never lower than the market price
  • Improved working conditions – improvements to health and safety and conditions of workers
  • Local sustainability – making local neighbourhoods self-reliant and not dependent on benefits and charity

Fairtrade aims to put people in an empowered position, where they are charge of their own destiny, life and livelihood. Buying Fairtrade products is an informed shopping choice you make, which positively impacts the life of people in developing countries.


What is the Bazar Pro Seller Badge?

Due to the expense of attaining certifications some smaller brands and manufacturers may not have received industry recognition but have adhered to the standards as outlined in the Bazar Criteria.

Once verified by Bazar as an ethical brand the Pro Seller badge will be allocated to your shop profile. The Pro Seller badge looks like this:

Bazar Pro Badge

Bazar Pro Badge

Bazar expects all Pro Sellers that do not hold formal eco labels to adhere to ethical and sustainable standards and to confirm they meet the relevant criteria.

The Pro Seller Badge can be removed from sellers and businesses at any time if their account no longer meets Bazar’s criteria. For further information, see our Bazar Ethical Criteria link.

Where can I find information on accredited Ethical, Eco and Sustainable organisations and their official labels and logos?
What is a sustainable product?

For the marketing use of this term, see Environmentally friendly. Sustainable products are products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.

What happens when I follow someone?

When you follow someone, all of their products that they sell will appear in your ‘Following’ feed. This allows you to keep track of what your favourite sellers are selling so you can keep up to date with their latest products.

How can I unfollow someone?

To unfollow someone, you can either go onto their profile and simply Tap ‘unfollow’ or you can go into your own profile and Tap on ‘Following’ then simply Tap ‘unfollow’ on the person you wish to unfollow.

How do I instant message, someone?

There are a few ways to initiate a chat with another user; within the Seller information section in the product details screen, on a User’s profile, Buyer details, or within the Chat menu in your Account.

To message an existing contact, go into >My Account > Chat > Tap on chat icon top right of the screen > Select contact.

How do I buy ethical clothing?

Numerous factors need to be considered when choosing ethical fashion:

Sustainable clothing:

  • Does the brand support fair wages and the welfare of its workers?
  • What actions have been taken by the company to support sustainable livelihoods?
  • What has the manufacturer done to raise awareness of sustainability issues?

Eco-friendly clothing:

  • Are the products manufactured from eco-friendly materials?
  • Has the brand taken any action to minimise the use of water?
  • What are the steps taken by the manufacturer to address the problem of waste management and energy efficiency?

Organic clothing:

  • Are toxic chemicals used during the manufacturing process?
  • Is the clothing hypoallergenic? i.e. causes no irritation upon contact with skin
  • Avoids the use of GM (genetically modified) plants, which generate plants with larger yields
  • Look out for organic accreditations such as the Better Cotton Initiative

Cruelty free clothing:

  • Are animal rights being infringed by the company?
  • Is the product vegan or are any animal products (e.g. leather) used?

Ethical policies:

  • Does the clothing brand have ethical policies? e.g. Toms Shoes donate one pair of shoes to charity for every pair purchased. Look for brands that have a positive social impact or give back policy
How do ratings work?

Ratings are out of 5 stars; your rating is averaged out across all the ratings you have received. The higher rated you are, the more confidence buyers will have in you.

How can I delete a comment?

To delete your comment: Tap on the bin icon at the top right of your comment. Unfortunately, you cannot delete another person’s comment, however, you can report the user for various reasons.

If the content is deemed inappropriate in accordance with Bazar’s Terms & Conditions, a member from the Bazar team will remove the comment as long as it has been reported.

How am I rated?

It is important to keep your ratings and reviews high. Every time you sell a product, the buyer of your product will be able to submit a review of their experience trading with you. They can rate you out of 5 stars and also leave a review about the product you have sold, which will then be reflected on your profile.  It is therefore important to keep your buyers happy so that your shop remains trusted.

How do I report a product?

To report a product listing, tap on the flag icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. Then select a reason why you are reporting the product and provide a short description. The Bazar team will investigate the report and take necessary action if needed.

How much does Bazar cost to use?

When you sell an item, Bazar will automatically deduct a service fee based on the total value of your transaction (including shipping costs and any VAT if applicable). This charge will be deducted directly from your bank account, credit or debit card that you have registered with. To see our full breakdown, see ‘Fees’ at

How do I report a user?

To report a user, whether it is from within a Chat, Product details screen, Comment thread or a Profile you can tap on the flag icon located at the top right of the screen. If you report a user via a comment or their profile, you will be able to select a reason and provide a short description as to why you are reporting that user.  The Bazar team will then investigate the report and take the necessary action if needed. Please note if you choose to report a person from within Chat, it will block and delete the existing chat thread until it is further re-established. Please make sure you take any screenshots as evidence BEFORE you report from within Chat.

How do I post an article?

To Post an article navigate to the forum section of the app and tap ‘Post an article’. This will open up a screen with instructions to help you post your article. Be sure to follow our tips to help you engage with your audience better.

  • Add a topic that is relevant to your article
  • Write your interesting article
  • Include images and a link if possible, to help provide more context to your audience
What does Found Help Mean?

The ‘Found help’ button is located in ‘My posts’. It is a button that once pressed will indicate to users on the Bazar forum that your question no longer needs an answer, and that you have ‘found help’ to your question or query, it will also turn your question status from ‘Active’ to ‘Not active’.

What is the purpose of the forum?

Join in discussions, get the latest shopping trends or find out valuable and helpful information. Join the Bazar forum by getting involved in the heart of the community, encourage seller/buyer interaction. Post articles and interesting questions and contribute by answering people’s questions. Pro Sellers can also use the forum to promote new product lines and upcoming offers available at their Bazar app shop.

How can I make a complaint or provide feedback?

If you are not fully satisfied with the app or you have some feedback please tap on > Account > Settings > Contact Support > We will be more than happy to address your complaints or feedback.

Please note Bazar do not deal with orders, returns or refunds. Please contact your seller directly with any complaints.  Please see Terms & Conditions or our FAQ’s for helpful answers, thank you.

Can I purchase items from different sellers at the same time?

Yes, you can ? you can make multiple purchases from different sellers, each item will be added to your basket under one order.  Your order confirmation email will show all items under one order number.  Please note each seller may despatch your items at different times so please check with the seller about despatch and delivery times, thank you.

I don’t want to share my address or location?

When you list a product, your location will be shown approximately. We do not show your exact address for privacy reasons, but we do show your town, county and country. This is to help people who buy your product to understand roughly where the product is being dispatched from. As we don’t have shipping times available, it is a way to give the buyer an idea of how long delivery times will take or how long it will take to get to the pick-up location.

How do I leave a comment on an item?

You can leave a comment on an item or product on the Product Details screen below the Upvote or Downvote icons. Tap the Comment icon >Add your comment.

How can I return an Item?

To return an item, contact the seller directly by email through Pro Sellers Profile page or through the chat function within the app for Pre-loved purchases. If you buy a pre-loved item, the seller may not want it returned. However, in most cases, the seller will work with you to return your item. The seller may provide a returns policy in which you will need to meet their return policy to return a product.

If you purchase through a Pro Seller please use email so you can track your correspondence.

Why Upvote or Downvote a product or item?

Upvoting a product will make it appear on the trending feed, the more upvotes a product has, the more it will trend. So, if you see a product you like, give it an upvote!

Downvoting a product will make it trend less on the trending feed.

The upvoting and downvoting system encourages sellers to create high quality product listings that will trend in amongst the Bazar community. The more a product trends, the more likely it will gain attention and sell.

How do I Upvote or Downvote a product?

To Upvote a product, tap on the encircled-up arrow on the product details screen.

To Downvote a product, tap on the encircled down arrow on the product details screen.

How to Buy safely

We love our community, and we are always striving to keep it a great place. Here’s how to make a purchase safely:

1)    Always pay ‘in the app’

This ensures if something goes wrong, you can promptly rectify the situation. Completing a payment outside of the app comes with risks such as fraud, violence, scamming or robbery.

Carrying out in-app transactions will help ensure you not faced with these problems and are more protected from all as such issues.

All buyers and sellers must complete transactions within the app even if you are personally meeting the seller to pick up the item. By completing transactions within the app, this will help ensure your payment experience is hassle free. Therefore, if something goes wrong, you can rectify the situation and you can be refunded the full amount if your item doesn’t arrive or is significantly not as described.

Never pay for an item via bank transfer, concealed cash or any other out of app methods – this is strictly against our advice.

2)    Always check the seller’s reviews

Seller’s reviews indicate whether the seller is reliable or whether their products are of a good standard. If a seller has poor reviews and a low rating, it may well indicate that the seller’s items are faulty, or the seller operates at a below-average standard. If you see that a seller’s items are of low quality or that they have a substantial amount of negative reviews and are unethical, please report that user or product listing so the Bazar team can help rectify the issues all the while improving your experience.

3)    Ask the seller about their return and refund policy

Does the seller offer a return and refund policy? Please check the individuals’ refund and returns policy.  Bazar does not deal with refunds or returns.

How to avoid buying fake items or products?

We do our best to rid the app of fake items, however, sometimes a few may slip through or we don’t get there in time. To assist us in improving your experience please report any items that look suspicious or non-genuine. Never hesitate to communicate with the seller with anything regarding their product.  If in doubt report the product or seller and we will investigate to rectify the issue. You can also leave a comment on the item on the product screen. Tips on how to spot a fake item:

1)    The item is well below retail price

For example, if the item is below usual retail price such as a pair of running shoes for £15 when they are usually £70, it could indicate that they are fake. Sometimes great deals do occur but if an expensive item is listed at an extremely low price, think twice and if it seems suspicious you should report the product. To do so: tap on the flag on the top right of the product or Seller’s profile.

2)    Listen to the community

Checking a seller’s reviews can assist in identifying whether they are selling fake items. If the reviews are negative it is most likely their products may be fake, or the quality is extremely poor.

3)    Do the images match the description?

If the description of the product is written poorly, not detailed, is ambiguous or just doesn’t seem to fit the product, this can indicate that something is suspicious.

4)    Check the fine detail

Expensive items usually flourish in all areas of a product listing. For example: the image quality will be clear and well presented, the description and specification will also be well presented, well worded and detailed.

5)    Ask lots of questions if you’re unsure

If you are unsure whether a product is real or fake, ask the seller for more pictures and information. If they are unwilling to provide this, think twice before making the purchase.

What do I do if a Seller does not reply during a dispute?

If a seller does not reply to you during a dispute you can then raise the dispute to a claim. The claim will then be submitted to Bazar to help work out a resolution and final decision. It’s in the buyer-seller interests to work out a resolution.

How to be a successful seller

We aim to make Bazar one of the easiest platforms to sell products and have enjoyed doing so. To enhance your chances of becoming a successful seller, here are a few simple tips:

1)    Use high quality images

To boost your chance of selling an item, ensure your product image is taken in a well-lit environment, simple background and in high resolution.

2)    Sell at a reasonable price

Make sure your item isn’t over-priced. Double-check the retail standard and what your competitors are selling the item for, if you’re really eager on selling the product, drop the price below your retail standard and that of your competitors.

3)    Add 5 images to your product listing

You’ve got an awesome product to sell, so show it off! You can add up to five images on your listing, make sure you do as buyers will want to see as much of your product as they can. Every image increases your chance of successfully selling the item.

4)    Be creative

The best descriptions are usually short, sharp and straight to the point of what your product has to offer. Providing a creative description of your product is vital to engaging buyers further, if your description is too long, buyers may become uninterested.  However, if it is too short buyers may not understand what your product does. Ensuring your description is best suited to the product is key.

5)    Describe & Specify in detail

Provide an accurate and detailed account of your product to improve the chances of success and reduce any potential misunderstandings of what your product includes.

6)    Always use tracking numbers

Make sure you provide the buyer with a tracking number once you have dispatched the order. This way the buyer can track their order, but more importantly, you will have proof that the item has arrived if the buyer decides to raise a dispute and claims they never received their product.

Why am I no longer able to contact a user?

You are no longer able to contact a user because the person that you are chatting to has blocked the chat thread, meaning you can no longer contact them. If this occurs during a time of dispute, then you can raise your dispute to a claim.

How can I have the transaction refunded?

You must contact the seller to action a refund.  Please check and adhere to the seller’s refund and returns policy.

How can I delete my Bazar account?

To delete your Bazar account, go to, My Profile> Setting> Delete Account. You won’t be able to delete your account if you have any pending orders or live transactions.

How does delivery work?

Delivery is made by the seller to the buyer. Sellers are directly responsible to package and send items to the buyer.

When sending an item – just package your item and send it to the buyer. When you list an item make sure you enter in an average delivery cost. Please use sustainable or recycled packaging as much as you can.

Please ensure that all packaging is robust and able to protect goods in transit. At the same time, we encourage all sellers to use materials, which don’t impact the environment (e.g. are biodegradable, sustainable, etc.)

How does pickup work?

When listing a product, you have the choice to choose Delivery or Pickup. Pickup is a fantastic way for you to sell products that are too large to deliver (e.g. antiques).

As a buyer when picking up a product make sure you pay in-app, this way you avoid risks such as fraud, scamming or robbery. Carrying out in-app transactions will ensure you are never faced with these problems and are protected from all as such issues. All buyers and sellers must complete transactions within the app even if you are personally meeting the seller to pick up the item. By completing transactions within the app, it will help ensure your payment experience is seamless.

Shop Local – if you are an independent shop selling British, handmade, organic, vegan, sustainable, vintage, pre-loved or second hand items then upload your products to the Bazar platform.  Benefit from our pickup option and drive customers to your shop and local area/high street.  Bazar is all about encouraging and bringing life to the high street and local shops too.  Users and local enterprises can also benefit from our in app the filter by location and pickup options.

How can I disconnect my Facebook or Google account?

Unfortunately, if you have registered with Bazar using your Facebook or Google account, there is no way you can disconnect it. You would have to delete your account and re-register using email ID instead of your Facebook or Google account. Keep in mind that we will never post anything on Facebook or Google, we only use it as a quicker way for you to register.

How can I change my location?

To change your location, go to – Account> My Profile >Personal Info. Tap on the pencil icon to edit your Personal Info, scroll down to address to enter in your new location.

How can I add a new delivery address?

You can add a new delivery address while checking out, once you have added in your new delivery address it will be saved for the next time you purchase an order. To add a new address simply tap Buy now on a product you wish to purchase, then tap Add new address.

How can I delete/edit an item I have listed?

Yes, you can delete or edit any item you have listed by going to Account > My profile >My Shop> tap on the product you wish to edit or delete.   At the top right of the screen, the pencil icon allows you to edit the product details /tapping on the bin icon will delete the product.

Please note if your item has been sold or all stock has been sold then it will show as Sold Out” or an “Item out of Stock” on the app feed. So, there is no need to worry about reselling a sold item!

Why has my account been suspended/deleted?

If your account has been deleted it is because you have not adhered to basic guidelines and Terms & Conditions of the Bazar marketplace app. See Terms & Conditions.

Selling on BAZAR

How to best photograph your pre-loved products
  • Keep it simple – don’t over complicate your picture, your photos are more likely to stand out on a small screen if you keep it simple
  • Good lighting – Make sure that your product has a strong evenly spread light, avoid images with shadows on the product
  • Take photos of products in good areas – Take a photo of the product where it looks best. If it’s an item of clothing, take a photo wearing it
  • Shoot from different perspectives and angles – Images from different perspectives are intriguing, try shooting from a few angles to get the best photos
What’s the best way to package my item?

The best possible way to package your item is to purchase an eco-friendly packaging, parcel or box J or recycle packaging you already have at home, it’s so much better for the environment. Bazar encourage all Pro sellers to use eco-friendly packaging.

How do I change the shipping cost of an item?

To change the shipping cost of an item you have listed Go to – Account > My Profile > Tap on the product you wish to change the shipping cost > Tap the pencil icon to edit the product > Adjust shipping cost.

How do I mark an item as despatched on the Bazar App?

To mark an item as despatched go to: Account > My orders > Selling orders > Find the product that you wish to mark as despatched> Tap ‘Mark despatched’.

For Pro Sellers please use your Pro Seller Dashboard. Bazar advises all sellers to provide proof of posting or confirm a tracking number so the buyer is able to track the package.

How do I become a Retailer on Bazar?

To become a retailer on Bazar, go to the home page of the website to register as a Pro Seller. Bazar will then review your application.

How do I become a Pro-seller?

To apply for Pro Seller status please go to and apply by clicking on the Pro Seller Registration button and complete the short online form, thank you. The Pro Seller Registration button looks like this.

Pro Seller Registration Button

Pro Seller Registration Button

To become a Pro Seller an applicant must be able to tick one or more of the following ethical product categories – eco-friendly, sustainable, fair wear, cruelty free, vegan, organic, plant based, natural, Made in Britain, farmers market, biodegradable, cycled, social impact and third party certified.

How Can I display a Bazar Pro Seller Badge?

Once verified as a Bazar Pro Seller a PRO badge is added to the shop profile. There is no need to apply for a badge as the process is automatic.  The Pro Seller badge looks like this:

Bazar Pro Badge

Bazar Pro Badge

Uploading a product listing - If I am a pro seller can I upload via my mobile device too?

Yes, you can 🙂 it takes seconds. It’s a tool, which is great t use if you need to add a new product to your shop quickly and easily, the new product will also be added to your Pro Seller Dashboard automatically, simple!  Please see this helpful video.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a straightforward payment gateway that processes credit/ debit card transactions. Please see Bazar uses Stripe as its main payment gateway.

How do Stripe process my payouts?

Please refer to Stripe payment information –

Does my billing address need to match my credit or debit card address?

Yes. It is important for the purposes of verification of both debit and credit cards that the invoicing address matches the one recorded on the customer’s bank or credit card account. Bazar use Stripe as a payment provider, they may block payments where the invoicing postcode differs to the postcode of the account holder.

It is of course not a problem to have a shipping address, which differs. This is ideal for sending gifts as an example.

Charging VAT on listings?

You can only add VAT if you have a valid VAT registration number. All VAT numbers are checked against the VAT registration database.  You are unable to add vat to your listing unless you have been verified as having a valid VAT registration number.

How can I track my Orders?

You can check the status of your order by going to > Account > My Orders > Buying orders. Here you can see the order status on each of your orders whether it is pending, dispatched or delivered. You can also ask the seller for an order tracking number so that you can track your order.

Please contact your seller using instant chat or for Pro Sellers, by email.  You can find a Pro Sellers email address on their profile screen.

How can I connect with a Seller?

You can connect with a seller through the Bazar instant chat function. Simply tap on any of the chat icons on the product details screen under Seller information or on the Seller profile screen. If you follow that seller you can also start a chat with them through the Select contact in the chat menu.

You can find a Pro Sellers email address on their profile screen.

How can I apply to add VAT to my listings on Bazar?

You will need to apply for Pro Seller status and complete our registration form.

Once approved your Pro Seller profile screen will highlight publicly your relevant VAT Registration Number along with Business address and contact details.

How can I contact a Pro Seller?

Please go onto the Pro Sellers profile where you can find their email address and other contact details.

How do I cancel an Order?

To cancel an order, go to – Account > My orders > Buying orders > Find the order you wish to cancel > Tap Cancel order. You will be unable to cancel your order if it is outside the cancellation period. If an item has already been despatched, you will be unable to cancel your order.

For orders made via a Pro Seller, please refer to the Pro Sellers terms and conditions.

I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password tap on the ‘Forgot password’ link at the bottom of the sign-in page and follow the instructions.

Do you have a question for Bazar?

We always welcome questions from Bazar community members. Please feel free to send any additional question(s) you may have to and Bazar will endeavour to assist and update our FAQ’s, thank you!