Environmental shopping is the key to preventing waste

Millions of toys end up in landfills every year. Do you remember the last time you moved to a new house? You surely threw away a bunch of old toys that still had some life in them? Your decision not to buy an unsustainable toy can only make a little difference. However, small as your contribution may be, it’s the power of collective action that will make a real difference.

Plastics are widely used in the toy industry. Many products manufactured by the industry aren’t biodegradable. The industry has made a conscious effort to eliminate toxins from the toys itself. But this hasn’t been enough. Action is required, and it’s up to us to buy from an eco-store such as Bazar!

Make an informed decision about the toys you want to buy for your little one

Cute, cuddly soft toys are made from non-toxic materials, but sadly these materials don’t break down very well. Needless to say, along with the toys comes the packaging. There are plenty of organic toys manufactured from non-toxic materials that last a long time. The longer it lasts, the later it gets into a bin. As an eco-conscious, green shopper these are the right options to consider when buying something for your child.

Find the best toys and hobbies on the Bazar sustainable shopping app

It’s not just enough for toys to be ethically produced. A truly sustainable toy will also augment your child’s mental development. It would be valued for longer and remain in use, instead of making its way to a landfill. This is a key factor that’s currently driving the growth of the smart toys market internationally. Smart toys include interactive ones. However, these need to be energy-efficient and powered from a renewable source. Please view the ones available in the Bazar online marketplace, which also include a range of books and handmade toys from local UK toy designers.

Bazar has eco-conscious, sustainable hobby materials in the marketplace app

It’s the same with hobbies. Board games like chess develop analytical thinking. Were the board to be made from recycled cardboard with 100% natural pieces, it’d be just great.

An eco-conscious jigsaw puzzle made from sustainable solid wood or recycled materials would be an excellent choice. An ethical jigsaw would have non-toxic paints on it. Apart from the fun element that a puzzle like this brings, it can also be educational. Hobbies like philately and coin collecting last a lifetime. They can be enriching and educational. There are many options available for you in the ethical marketplace.

Join the Bazar online market today

Bazar have many innovative ideas for you to explore on the mobile app marketplace. There are many interesting hobby kits for your children as well. By joining Bazar, you will be a part of an eco-conscious community who care about sustainability. The registration process is simple and quick. So, whether you are a buyer or seller please register on the Bazar app today.


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