To achieve true ethical online shopping, you need to buy cruelty free products. Bazar is here to help, offering an exceptional line up of items from vendors and brands that are committed to keeping cruelty and exploitation out of the manufacturing process. Discover all you need to know about related products and how to get hold of them right here.

The relevance of ethics in consumer culture

The emergence of mass production techniques and international trade routes over the past couple of centuries has not been without its issues.

Meeting consumer demand for the latest and greatest products often leads manufacturers to cut corners. This might be in terms of the quality of the items themselves, but more often comes down to the processes involved in designing and testing certain items to ensure they are fit for human use.

Animal testing is still widely used as a means of trialling foods, medicines and beauty products. Many people consider this a cruel practice because of the suffering that is involved. Millions of creatures are bred specifically for testing and undergo immense hardship and even death to bring certain products to market.

This state of affairs has led to a rapid rise in the number of consumers who want to buy and sell ethical products. Doing away with potentially cruel practices at all stages of production is part of this movement, hence the emergence of cruelty free as a concept.

Cruelty free products forgo the use of animal testing in their development

Cruelty free products forgo the use of animal testing in their development

Types of cruelty free items in this ethical app marketplace

The burgeoning market for cruelty free products has given consumers more variety and choice than ever before. Bazar provides the perfect portal to an unimaginably immense array of items that fall into this category.

Cosmetics and beauty products

Cosmetics which have not been tested on animals are the most commonly encountered example of cruelty free products. From lipstick and foundation to eyeliner, blusher and beyond, there are thousands of different makeup and beauty products that can be purchased with accreditation.

Even moisturisers, sun cream and other creams designed to help keep your skin in good shape might have been through animal testing if they do not display a cruelty free label. If you would rather avoid the likelihood that the products you purchase have caused suffering, use the mobile app marketplace to search for the accredited cosmetics and skincare items you need.


Cruelty free fashion is a movement which is also gaining momentum. It began life as a means of combating the popularity of real fur in high-end boutique labels and has since extended into every area of the clothing market. If you want to do your bit, consider checking out fair trade and eco-friendly products. You can then fill your wardrobe, your makeup bag and your fridge without feeling your conscience flaring up. You can even home in on pre-loved items that are offered by vendors who cater to a vintage crowd.


There are lots of other areas in which seeking out cruelty free products is relevant. Cruelty free food should be on the menu if you consider yourself an ethics-driven shopper. As with cosmetics and other consumables, this type of food will not have been tested on animals, or indeed contain animal-derived ingredients. Many items of this kind can be found over in the vegan category as well.

Expanding your cruelty free lifestyle

Buying on Bazar is not just for people who have a strong ideological standpoint; it is also a way of accessing stunning products from brands that you might not find anywhere else.

Cruelty free items can be of a very high quality, designed to thrill and excite you as well as satisfy your need to shop ethically. Each vendor has stated accreditations are listed which means you can buy with confidence.

Bazar makes it less hassle to find out about the origins and the production processes involved in each product so that you do not have to do lots of investigating yourself. In short, you can save time and money when you adopt a cruelty free lifestyle courtesy of Bazar.

Why use the Bazar sustainable shopping app?

Bazar is not just a brilliant place to look up and buy cruelty free products; it supports sustainable and ethical shopping of all kinds.

One aspect of this includes recyclable products, covering those items that can easily be processed and returned to the production food chain rather than being sent to landfill.

With new sellers and items added all the time and a great community of conscientious people to draw upon, Bazar is the best of the many shopping apps for iPhone and Android if you love Earth and all of its living creatures.

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