Why Buy British?

Outsourcing has led to a loss of UK business to China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh, amongst others. Here at Bazar, we believe it’s better to buy British for a variety of reasons, e.g. lower carbon footprint, creating and supporting British manufacturing and jobs, etc. We discuss here where to buy ethically-made British gifts.

Where can you buy British Made ethical gifts?

There are a range of places to buy British Made ethical gifts:

  • Apps – there is an increasing trend for ethical consumers to buy through ethical consumer apps (such as Bazar). Shoppers know that the gifts will be ethically-approved and also that they can buy them directly from the comfort of their own home. The Bazar App delivers a new shopping user experience that saves time trawling and researching thousands of websites, this app brings trusted eco brands under one roof. Bazar also offers customers the opportunity to view videos of the brand stories behind the products
  • Farmers Markets – for certain gifts, local farmers markets are ideal. Artwork, ceramics, toys and collectables can all be found here as well as locally-made food and beverages. Bazar supports buying locally, it’s good to know your purchasing power is supporting local artisans and also that goods are extremely likely to have an extremely low travel carbon-footprint
  • Websites – naturally “the web” has a massive choice of websites, but which one(s) do you choose? It’s a case of doing your homework and verifying that the gifts you are buying are ethically made
  • The High street – of course, the high street is still open. With busy lifestyles for some, the hassle of travel can be avoided through apps and websites. Once you arrive at the store(s), will you be able to buy the gifts you want? Also, can you verify the origins of the gift and that it was ethically made?

The dilemma can often be proving whether the item was infact Made in Britain. This is where websites and apps have an edge in that they have space to highlight whether the gift is British Made within the text.

Buff Up Sea Salt Bath Soak is handmade in Devon and is available on Bazar

Buff Up Sea Salt Bath Soak is handmade in Devon and is available on Bazar

Look out for the Bazar “Made in Britain Badge”

When you see a seller with the Bazar “Made in Britain Badge” it means:

“The seller confirms that the primary components of this produce, item or garment have been created and produced locally in the UK from sustainable resources with less of an impact on the environment.”

The Bazar Made in Britain badge

The Bazar Made in Britain badge

Searching for Ethical British Made Gifts within Bazar

Within the Bazar App, search “browse products” with terms such as “British”, “English”, “Scottish”, “British Made”, etc. and you will be presented with a selection of British products.

Search for products on Bazar to find some fantastic British brands. View specific brand and product information from curated British brands on Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App.

We are here to help

Contact Bazar online with general enquiries, we are always here to help. Alternatively, you can also call 020 8337 2175 to speak to a friendly Bazar team member.


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