The coronavirus pandemic has changed society in many ways, including altering the cleaning and hygiene regimes in many households.

If you are aiming to keep the virus at bay in your own home while still being able to maintain as much normality as possible, you will need the right cleaning products to assist you in your efforts. This can be a challenge if you are also interested in using brands which comply with your eco-friendly principles or if product sustainability is at the top of the agenda.

Here are just a few suggestions of which cleaning products to choose if you want to make your home clean, green and properly sanitised in the age of COVID-19.

Hand soaps & personal hygiene

Hand washing is one of the most important weapons in our fight against the coronavirus, but you may also know that liquid soap dispensers are not the most environmentally sound option. Thankfully there are plenty of eco-conscious soap brands that use a mixture of traditional methods and biodegradable packaging to create products that are hygienic as well as good for the planet as a whole.

Well-known brands like Ecover offer liquid soap that does not have any of the damaging chemicals you might find in more generic varieties. There are also the super-sustainable bar soap brands like Friendly Soap, Weleda and The Little Soap Company with its Eco Warrior range to consider.

You can find lots of eco-friendly options on Bazar – The Ethical Life Marketplace App, where ethical brands and conscientious consumers can come together and find one another with ease. From hand soaps and beauty products to fair trade groceries and fashion, there is something for everyone available.

Antibacterial sprays & more

With a deadly virus potentially lurking for days on surfaces touched by coronavirus carriers, people are choosing to disinfect any new items which are brought into their homes to limit the likelihood of falling victim to it. This means you will probably be getting through a lot of cleaning products simply to safely bring groceries home from the store or accept online deliveries.

In terms of the companies which are catering to this need while also sticking to the eco principles and cruelty free credentials that so many consumers hold dear, once again you can look to the likes of Ecover for suitable antibacterial products. This not only includes sprays for dealing with dirty surfaces but also detergents for floor cleaning, dishwashing, bathroom battling and much more besides.

Even more eco-credentials and reusability are available from firms like Common Good, so it is simply a matter of finding a brand you can relate to at a price point you can appreciate.

Find cleaning products such as Elmkind on Bazar

Find cleaning products such as Elmkind on Bazar

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