It’s nice to know that when buying through Bazar you can sometimes also positively impact society through the work of the seller. We explore more in this article.

What is social impact?

The University of Michigan defines it as “A significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge. Creating social impact is the result of a deliberate set of activities with a goal matching this definition.

Examples of ways in which ethical brands can help

Brands can help out in a number of ways, whether it is cash or “services in kind”. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Goods donation – sometimes an ethical brand will donate goods for a charitable purpose. This can often be on a “buy one give one” model, where for every product purchased the brand commits to donate a specific type of product
  • Profits donation – often brands will donate a proportion of their profits to one or more charities to help with their work. Infact in the case of “not for profit” organisations, the entire purpose of the brand is to generate profit for social purposes
  • Services donation – brands may also donate professional services to a charity, e.g. admin support, transportation and logistics, IT skills, etc.
  • Staff / time donation – although it’s less common, on occasions brands may donate staff time for a charity to use to achieve their charitable goals

A win:win for ethical buyers

The chance to buy ethical goods whilst also having the knowledge that a donation will be made to a good cause it’s a win:win situation. It’s nice to know that the product you are buying is both ethically made but also contributes to a good cause.

Bazar social impact badge

To make buying on Bazar simpler and more informed, we have a range of core value badges brands can display. One of these is the social impact badge if this appears on the profile of a Bazar seller you can be confident in the fact that this seller is making a difference socially.

Bazar definition

Bazar’s definition for the social impact badge taken from our badge criteria guide is:

The Seller or Brand creates job opportunities, skills and training for marginalised communities, facilitating financial independence for those communities and offers a source of sustainable economic development. The Seller or Brand confirms they consistently give back and demonstrate an on-going commitment to charitable activities or positive social impact initiatives.

Look out for the social impact badge when buying on Bazar

Look out for the social impact badge when buying on Bazar

Sellers making a social impact on Bazar

Just a few examples of sellers on Bazar impacting society are:

  • Anchor & Crew – this jewellery brand supports the work of four charities including One Tree Planted who are Bazar’s Trees partner
  • Elephant branded – Every purchase you make provides school equipment for children in Asia and Africa
  • Elmkind – they donate 5% of their profits to charities. One of these being Surfers Against Sewage who are Bazar’s Seas partner
  • Leiho – operating a “buy one give one” model, Leiho donate socks and cartons of water to homeless people
  • Life Less Ordinary – who give 10% of their profits to their charities

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