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Buy and sell sustainable, artisan, ethical, pre-loved and eco-friendly products at BAZAR. Chat and connect with like-minded community members.

For brands and sellers of ethical products; the Pro Seller Dashboard  will provide rapid access to upload products in bulk, manage your inventory and sales whilst connecting directly with your customers.

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Buy, sell and chat using the BAZAR marketplace APP

Top App Features

Bazar App Features


Community contact using BAZAR instant chat, discussion forums, Q&A threads, comments, ratings & reviews, following tools

Bazar App Features


User-friendly and exciting interface, balancing functionality with simplicity, via an adverts/pop-up free intuitive design

Bazar App Features


Search for products you love from brands you follow as well as view trending and suggested products based on products you’ve liked

Bazar App Features


Pay with Stripe, the low-cost reliable payment gateway

Bazar App Features


Detailed listings for sustainable, ethical, pre-loved and eco-friendly products from small sellers to well-known global brands

Bazar App Features


Designed 100% with security in mind, malware / hacker protection, password and sensitive data encryption and so much more!

Viewing Products

Home screen / product feeds

Start your journey here

  • Search for products and view product feeds
  • Striking imagery in a grid design
  • Tap on product images to view more details
  • Links to feeds and forum
  • Easy access to notifications and account features
Selling a product

Product details screen

All the information you need:

  • View comprehensive product details
  • Up vote on your favorite products and comments
  • View the seller’s information
  • Contact/message sellers
  • Purchase product or add it to wish-list or basket
Bazar Forum

Discussion forum

Join the BAZAR forum

  • The heart of the community
  • All discussions grouped into categories
  • Encourages seller/buyer interaction
  • Post interesting questions and articles
  • Sellers can educate themselves more about buyers needs
Buyers can chat with sellers

Instant chat

Chat with BAZAR users:

  • Buyers/sellers can instantly connect
  • Simplifies the sales process
  • Share experiences, ideas and concepts
  • View entire thread, from start-finish
  • Protected by end-to-end encryption
Product details

In-App Product Upload

Easy & convenient product uploading:

  • Use our comprehensive product upload template
  • Complete the required fields
  • Add up to 5 images per product
  • Google maps info to show area of product location
  • Use Sellers Dashboard for bulk uploading
Seller profiles

Sellers shop

Unique BAZAR stores:

  • Every seller has a shop/store front
  • View seller ratings/reviews and followers
  • Seller badges state their accreditation
  • Tap personal info for more information on seller
  • View seller’s stats based on their level of interaction
Search and filter products

Filter search

Product filtering made easy

  • Sort products based on pricing low to high or high to low
  • View products via price range filtering
  • View products via location filtering
  • Narrow searches through product categories
  • View filtered results by tapping apply
Pro Seller Dashboard

Pro Seller Dashboard

Pro Seller Dashboard – management in one screen

  • Register via Facebook/Google
  • View sales analytics
  • Upload products singularly or in bulk via CSV
  • View and filter sales/order data
  • Synchronised to the App

Explore the content you love

Trending products

trending products from BAZAR sellers

Suggested products

suggested products based on past likes

Follow sellers
products from people and brands you follow

Explore the content you love

trending products from BAZAR sellers

suggested products based on past likes
products from people and brands you follow

Chat & Connect

Bazar user

Lucy Crane

Hi, re: your eco-friendly clothing range, are these made with sustainable materials?

Bazar user

Ingrid Marsden

Yes! They are sustainably made. If you need to know anything else, let me know!

Bazar user

Lucy Crane

Thanks Ingrid, that’s great to know. I will be placing an order with you very soon

Connect with sellers, buyers, friends and followers with BAZAR instant chat, add comments in discussion forums, ask questions, give answers, leave ratings, report users, block unwanted messages and more!

Pricing using the BAZAR market place APP

Bazar Fees

Order valueStripe % FeeStripe Transaction FeeBAZAR % FeeTotal Fee
£0-£9991 . 4%20p8 . 5%9 . 9%* +20p
£1000-£19991 . 4%20p7 . 5%8 . 9%* +20p
£2000+1 . 4%20p6 . 5%7 . 9%* +20p

When you sell an item, Bazar will automatically charge you the above % fees on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs and any VAT if applicable). This charge will be taken directly from the card you are using for payments before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you.

More reasons to use BAZAR

Quick One-Time Registration

Registration is one-time only, once registered you won’t need to do this again

Choose a preferred convenient method to securely register with the BAZAR app

Register for the BAZAR app by using an e-mail address and a secure password

Users who prefer can register through their Facebook or Google account logins

Helpful User Experience Feeds

Explore the content you love through three different intuitive content feeds

View the top trending products on the BAZAR app at the time of your search

View listed products from the BAZAR sellers that you have chosen to follow

View suggested products, which are personalised to your expected preferences

Checkout and Secure Payments

BAZAR has an extremely fast checkout process, designed around the user

BAZAR treats security very seriously; rely on our highly secure payment system

Pay in confidence with our highly secure PCI-certified Stripe payment platform

Eco Labels and BAZAR Pro Seller Badge

BAZAR is a platform which supports independent and ethically driven brands

Separate brands by looking for their BAZAR Pro Seller badge and eco label(s) attainments

The BAZAR Pro Seller badge is given to sustainable/ethical sellers not yet industry certified

Eco labels show where sellers meet standards of environmental

Slick Orders Management

View your order details through convenient and simple order details screens

View order status at any stage from the time of order until time of fulfilment

View your order history for all products you have ever bought through BAZAR

Easily contact the buyer/seller whenever required

Automated Push Notifications

Receive a notification every time you have a new BAZAR community follower

Receive order notifications for orders placed and orders at time of despatch

Receive notifications when comments, replies, questions & answers are liked

Whenever you ask a question, receive a notification every time it is answered

Connect Socially

Send instant messages with chat emoji enabled, a convenient contact method

Send photos to other users for transactional or social purposes via BAZAR

Delete chat threads when finished or other reasons, e.g. offensive content

Moderation by BAZAR, upon request we will investigate the actions of a user

BAZAR Customer Support

BAZAR take your experience on the platform seriously; we are here to help!

If disputes arise, contact the seller first and/or Stripe dispute solutions

If you see or experience any abusive or disturbing comments let us know so we can investigate

Contact us via Contact Support on the app for an early reply, also read our FAQs section

Looking to sell ethical products, reach and connect with conscious consumers?

Looking to buy ethical and sustainable products or sell your pre-loved items?